Beyond Banking

Kashet is a highly innovative financial technology company headquartered in the heart of Crypto Valley, Switzerland with a UK subsidiary that is soon to offer digital banking services across Europe.

Kashet Traditional banks lack a clear pathway to help their customers explore digital currencies and have been slow to create products to meet customer demand. Meanwhile crypto-focused institutions believe traditional banking is out of touch with the customer.

Neil Kirk

Chief Executive Officer, Kashet

Combining the banking traditions of the City of London with the digital innovation of Crypto Valley.

Kashet uniquely combines the old and new worlds of banking to deliver quality and innovation in financial technology services.

Based in Switzerland, which leads the way in setting the financial and legal frameworks for digital assets, Kashet’s world-class team brings decades of experience in the UK and European banking sector.

Creating services that people trust and love to use.

Kashet is one of Europe’s most exciting financial technology companies, set to launch innovative products and services that people trust and love to use due to their simplicity, intuitive user experience and exceptional customer service.

“Kashet’s team combines deep knowledge of technological innovation, financial services and online customer experience. Having secured regulatory approval across the UK and Europe, its foundations for success are incredibly strong.”

Chris Jones

Founder, Kashet

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