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The financial services platform whose sole aim is to support, fortify and advance your prosperity for the new age of finance.

We are building a trusted environment for frictionless digital banking services. Our focus is on creating services that people love to use, allowing you to manage your finances more efficiently, as well as partnering with private banks across Europe that need access to innovative new technology solutions.

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Kashet Traditional banks lack a clear pathway to help their customers explore digital currencies and have been slow to create products to meet customer demand. Meanwhile crypto-focused institutions believe traditional banking is out of touch with the customer.

Neil Kirk

Chief Executive Officer, Kashet

Our Values

The digital world of finance is one of the most exciting, innovative, and ground-breaking sectors of today's world and we want to create a world that is founded upon our three main values:

Frictionless – Create a world where digital financial services are intuitive, easy and frictionless to use.

Transparent – Create a world where digital financial institutions are transparent in everything they do.

Safe – Create a world where digital financial services are fully regulated, safe and protect the customer.

Creating services that people trust and love to use.

Through our intuitive app, Kashet will provide a complete set of card, domestic and international payment solutions, offering high quality digital finance for clients and private banks.

We aim to build the most trusted, regulated service in the world, allowing customers to transfer currencies seamlessly between both environments.

We are working with MasterCard and have already earned FCA E-Money approval.

“Kashet’s team combines deep knowledge of technological innovation, financial services and online customer experience. Having secured regulatory approval across the UK and Europe, its foundations for success are incredibly strong.”

Chris Jones

Founder, Kashet

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